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Spray-foam Roof Coatings

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About Spray Foam Coatings (SPF)

Spray-on roof coatings (SPF, meaning spray polyurethane foam) can be a suitable alternative to a full roof replacement. SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) roofing systems provide a seamless, protective barrier between the exterior and interior of your commercial property.  SPF is a sturdy foam that conforms to any shape and “bonds” to a flat roof. 

An SPF-treated roof reflects the sun’s infrared and ultraviolet rays, reducing heat at the rooftop surface and better insulating interiors through a process called “thermal remittance.” By reducing the effects of the sun, commercial roofs treated with SPF are less prone to drying and cracking.

No Old Roof Tear-Off Required!

SPF roofing can be directly applied over pre-existing roof materials. Often, this means there is no need for expensive tear-offs and the resultant disruption a roof removal can cause to daily life and work in and around a commercial establishment. Plus, no roof tear-off means no trips to landfills to dump old roofing material.

Benefits of SPF Roof Treatments

Efficient Repair and Re-Roofs with SPF

Let’s say water damage were to occur ast your commercial property. With an SPF-treated roof, the affected area can be refoamed and removal of existing material is rarely necessary, making repairs relatively easy. SPF attaches to a flat roof with adhesives, further adding to protection from water damage. SPF can have a lifespan of over 30 years providing reliable protection from the ice, wind, hail, snow and rain that nature brings us in western PA.

SPF’s Energy Efficiency… Yet Another Benefit

SPF systems produce a tight, effective seal that keeps temperature inside your building comfortable while also reducing harmful emissions from fossil fuel-powered HVAC systems.

Without a doubt, the renown insulating qualities of SPF roof systems have contributed to the popularity of this type of commercial roof coating.

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