A Well-Maintained Metal Roof Can Last a Lifetime

Metal Roof Restorations

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Get in touch with Frontline Commercial Roofing so we can perform a professional inspection of your metal roof. When normal wear-and-tear of a metal roof is neglected, small problems can become huge, expensive headaches in due time. Beatings from western Pennsylvania’s severe weather events, aging of metal panels and drying-out of seals around pipe vents and other roof penetrations can spell trouble to your building and its contents.

Signs of Metal Roof Damage:

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Roof Coatings - The Key to Quality Roof Restoration

Frontline can save property owners thousands of dollars compared to the cost of a full roof replacement, plus we stand behind our restorations because we know how reliable the process and our roof sealing products are. 

Add Years of Performance

Prolong the life of your roof with a restoration by Frontline Commercial Roofing. Our process and add 10 or more years to your existing roof.

Reduces Energy Costs

Restored surfaces offer improved reflective performance when it comes to reflecting the sun's harmful UV rays. Your restored roof will provide a cooling quality, too.

Restorations Saves Money

A roof restoration provides all the benefits of a brand new roof but it's significantly less expensive - roughly 50% less! Why? There's less labor and fewer materials involved in a roof restoration

Improved Performance

The coatings that comprise restoration systems provide a renewed, watertight membrane that will prevent leaks.

Mother Nature

Americans are becoming more aware of and more insistent on sustainable solutions in every aspect of their lives. Commercial roof replacements dump tons of waste into landfills,

Quality with Frontline Commercial Roofing

Today, roof restoration is a popular alternative to roof replacement.

A roof restored by Frontline will avoid the higher costs associated with a complete roof replacement, extend the life of your existing roof, and greatly improve the appearance of your building.

Learn more about the roof restoration systems of Frontline Commercial Roofing. Contact us to see how much you can save…