A Roof Recovery System is Effective and Practical

Frontline Commercial Roofing’s Membrane Recovery Option

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A Membrane Recovery System by Frontline Commercial Roofing is another cost effective approach to elongating the life of your commercial roof. The meaning of “roof recovery system” is essentially the application of a new, protective membrane over the existing roof material. Frontline’s Membrane Recovery Systems can be installed as long as no damage has occurred to your roof’s substrate. With a membrane recovery system, you can rest assured that the likelihood of leaks and other types of damage will be greatly reduced.

Regular maintenance is the single most effective approach to realizing greater longevity to a commercial roof. But if care and maintenance has lacked over the years, it may be time to look into a roof recovery system with Frontline Commercial Roofing.

What Does Roof Membrane Damage Look Like?

Benefits of Membrane Recovery:

Are Roof Recovery Systems Affordable?

When a roof undergoes a full replacement, which is sometimes the best approach, it is an expensive process that involves tearing off old roof layers–not just the top membrane, but the roof insulation underneath it, temporarily moving rooftop mounted equipment, replacing flashing, etc.  On the other hand, a roof recovery system often preserves the existing insulation and other roof materials. It’s invariably a more cost-effective solution.

Quality with Frontline Commercial Roofing

Today, roof restoration is a popular alternative to roof replacement.

A roof restored by Frontline will avoid the higher costs associated with a complete roof replacement, extend the life of your existing roof, and greatly improve the appearance of your building.

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